Who is Kaleido? Shaping the future through inspiration, education and growth in the never ending pursuit of excellence.

In simple terms, Kaleido is committed to pursuing solutions to the ever-growing challenges people face each day in planning and securing their future. Our name is derived from a Kaleidoscope which has many mirrors; representing the diversity of the many services and products Kaleido offers in an attempt to provide the needs our clients seek each day.

Over the last century, the world has seen massive change in many aspects of our lives including the uncertainty of financial security for everyday living and retirement. The need for educating has not been more in need than in today’s times. The middle class is becoming obsolete as the majority of the wealth in the world is controlled by less than 5 % of the population. Institutions are achieving record breaking profits in the billions on the hard work of society with the cost of living increasing each year making it much more difficult for the mass population to service. The result? Stress levels are at its peak causing unhealthy behavior in people. Divorce rates, obesity, depression amongst other things are all impacted by the stress caused by the uncertainty of financial security. As the population grows, so does the need for proper planning, education and focus on ensuring people and their families have the opportunity to enjoy their lives. Most people are working all their lives not realizing the need for educating themselves of what will be required in the future. Realizing that to retire comfortably at the age 65, starting when they’re in their thirties will require a savings of 20 times their income at a rate of 6% to 8% per year, hence the reason most people go backwards when they retire. Our goal is to ensure our clients retire at a minimum at the same quality of lifestyle they are living today.

Kaleido focuses on the historical behavior of society and the market. Some areas include, population increases, personal and family average incomes over the years, inflation, cost of living, rate of returns in the market, spending behaviors of people, cost of education and many others other areas which affect our lives each day. Most of society adapt to whatever the outside world presents and makes decisions based on what society wants them to do. The real estate market is a perfect example. The media will launch an article that stock market or housing market will crash, or we are going into a recession without educating society of the historical trends in these areas. When the stock is crashing, people are selling, but remember, people are buying. Who’s buying? The 5% that have the majority of wealth. In 2009, the stock market crashed which caused everyone to sell. But who bought the stocks? Those who did are millionaires today. We strive to educate our clients by showing them how to create their own path with goals and plan with the tools and products we offer

Kaleido believes that long term success is creating value for their clients by focusing on our business as a marathon and not a race. We stand behind our mission statement ‘shaping the future through inspiration, education and growth in the never-ending pursuit of excellence”.